Monday, October 25, 2010

Pray for Bulgaria

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Varna, Bulgaria, an important Black Sea port city, is a very popular vacation spot. Having a population of about 350,000, it attracts about 4.5 million tourist each year. The city has been fortunate, even in the present world economic down-turn, to be financially strong. I have no Christian contacts in this Bulgarian city and do not know the spiritual climate, but felt we should pray for this key city.
This city is believed to have been visited by Christian disciples as early as 57 BC. So there has to be redemptive seeds in the cities’ DNA.
1) Lord, we ask for an out-pouring of Your love on Varna, Bulgaria.
2) Lord, we ask for a bubbling over of Your joy in the Christians there.
3) Lord, raise up men and women of vision, wisdom and boldness. Give them a heart for Your purposes in Varna.
4) Let us pray for a ministry that reaches out to the tourist.

5) There is a Ministry to the Bulgarian Military that works with the International Association of Evangelical Chaplains. They provide a spiritual presence to the Bulgarian Army and the police. Let us pray for their ministry to reach men and women in uniform.

I am not sure who did the following survey but I found it on a Bulgarian Church website. It is sad to see that prayer, fasting and standing under persecution are not mentioned. Humbleness is considered but it is at the bottom.

Spirituality is defined by church members as:
Walking in the Spirit (40%)
Closeness to God (31%)
Operating under the gifts of the Spirit (11%)
Love toward neighbor (10%)
Works of faith (5%)
Care for widows and orphans (2%)
Humbleness (1%)

6) Lord, we all need to pray and fast so we may be able to then walk in humility. Let us pray that the Bulgarian church would learn that prayer is necessary before they try to walk in the spirit or love their neighbor.
7) Let us pray for the teenagers in Bulgaria. Western culture is rushing in with its brand of decadence, so let’s pray that their eyes would be opened to the destruction of lustful pleasure.
8) Let us pray for the school system of Bulgaria, asking the Lord to put it in the hearts of administrators to let the Gospel be taught.
9) As both parents are choosing to work, the children are being somewhat neglected. Let us pray that the parents would be diligent in guiding their children around the pitfalls of life.

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