Monday, October 03, 2011

Pray for Bulgaria
Here is something really rare. A unique picture of inter-religious tolerance can be viewed in a Northeastern Bulgarian village called Kamburovo, with local Muslims working to rebuild a church. Read More at,

This is a unique area of Bulgaria where the Christians and Muslims live comfortably in peace respecting each other’s traditions and even celebrating each other’s feast and holy days.

1)    Lord we pray that this peace will continue and spread throughout all Bulgaria. May the Christians reach out with love and may the Muslims continue to reject radical Islam.

2)    The Muslims will only be won by the love of Jesus. Let us pray that the Christians be given innovative ways to be a blessing to the Muslim people in Bulgaria and around the world. Lord raise up non-confrontive Christians, with a “love anointing” to reach out to Muslims. May they appeal to the God given peaceful desires of the human heart.

 Now for the present tragedy in Bulgaria -

There has been much tension in Bulgaria for the past week. There was an incident that has fueled ethnic hatred between Bulgarians and the Roma (Gypsy) minority. A Bulgarian young man (19 yrs. old) was believed to have been intentionally run over by a minivan. The van being driven by an associate of notorious Roma mafia boss Kiril Rashkov. Bulgarians have been having mass rallies in many cities across the country protesting the incident and venting their hatred of the Roma minority.

The father of the victim insisted his son had been deliberately murdered, while the occupants of the minibus took refuge in the home of "King Kiro," before forcing their way through an improvised roadblock that had been set up by local people, injuring other villagers in the process. Having been joined by hardcore supporters of Plovdiv football club, the inhabitants of Katounitsa then set about burning and looting houses belonging to the Rachkov clan.

On Monday and Tuesday night, protests followed in many major Bulgarian cities, including the capital Sofia. Nearly 300 people in total were arrested by the police after the two nights of rallies that unfortunately involved what has been perceived as ethnic hatred.

3)    Let us pray for God’s peace. Ethnic strife is not good for Bulgaria. We pray for wise and respected leaders to stand up and sooth the fears of the protesters.

4)    Lord, help the Christians to have clean hearts in this mater. May the churches of Bulgaria reject violence, and only speak words of peace to both sides.

5)    May this be a wakeup call to the Christians to pray for Bulgaria. Lord, raise up intercessors that will seek for Your peace to prevail.

Sadly, corruption is not limited to business and politics, Research done in 2007 found that 40 percent of Bulgarians believe that high levels of corruption also exist in the healthcare industry. (“Economic Program History 2007”, Center for the Study of Democracy,

6)    Corruption is a bad problem in Bulgaria. We have prayed against corruption in Bulgaria before. The word I have for prayer, is “stumble”. Lord we pray that those involved in corruption would stumble over their own miss-deeds. Lord, set a trap.

7)    Let us pray for a healthy sense of shame in the Bulgarian society. May those involved in corruption be convicted until they cry out to God for relief. Lord convict those in government: from local magistrates to the very president and prime minister, those crooked doctors and hospital administrators, also the street thugs and the thugs living in mansions.

8)    Lord, help the honest Bulgarians to maintain hope and integrity in the face of corruption.

9)    Let us pray for the presidential and municipal elections on October 23. Righteousness or non-righteousness of a nation is usually reflected in its leaders. May servants not crooks be elected on election day.

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