Monday, October 24, 2011

Pray for (FYROM) Macedonia

23 October is being celebrated because of the founding of the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization.

Back in 1893, on October 23rd in the house of Ivan Hadzi Nikolov in Salonica, 6 young men gathered and founded the Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, which has later become a symbol and flag of the Macedonian struggle for freedom.

Later on, the organization was turned into Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization and its members were struggling for liberation and independence of Macedonia.

The founding of IMRO marked the beginning of an organized Macedonian revolutionary struggle, which with the Ilinden rebellion as well as the National Liberation movement in the Second World War has resulted into the creation of the Macedonian State

1)      Let us pray for Macedonia as they continue to struggle at making their country secure in the Balkans and the world. Let us pray for people of wisdom to ascend to positions of authority for the good of the country.
2)      There was a recent loan of 100 million EUROs to Macedonia to be channeled into businesses for the creation of jobs. Let us pray that this money would get into the hands of wise men and women. Let us pray that more investment money would flow into Macedonia.  Let us declare that it is time for Macedonia to blossom like a rose.
3)      Along with economic advancement there needs to be advancement in the Gospel. We see from history that the Gospel brings wisdom to a country. Pray that the evangelical Christians would be the voice of hope for Macedonia. May doors of opportunity be opened to the churches in Macedonia.
4)      Lord, I ask for Your blessing on the evangelical churches in Macedonia. May the Holy Spirit visit them with overcoming power. May the seeds planted there by the Apostle Paul and his converts come forth in another harvest.
5)      Lord, we seek Your favor for Macedonia. Let us pray for more intercessors for Macedonia. Let us fill the sensors before the throne of God with prayers for Macedonia.

I feel the the following is prophetic:
Acts 10:3-5
New King James Version (NKJV)
3) About the ninth hour of the day he saw clearly in a vision an angel of God coming in and saying to him, “Cornelius!” 4) And when he observed him, he was afraid, and said, “What is it, lord?” So he said to him, “Your prayers and your alms have come up for a memorial before God. 5) Now send men to Joppa, and send for Simon whose surname is Peter.
6)      It is time for visions to come to the Macedonian pastors, business people and government officials. It is time for their good deeds to be a memorial before the Lord. It is time for them to seek out the men and women of God to impart wisdom to them.
7)      Lord, send your trained ones to Macedonia. Those that have been prepared for this time. Let us pray for “tent maker” ministries to go to Macedonia.
The above I pray will be judged by God’s called out prophets. I do feel it came from the heart of God but it should be judged. Sometimes there is that place of prayer where you see things in the spirit and you must proclaim it.
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