Monday, October 17, 2011

Pray for Greece

Praise the Lord, the Hellenic (Greek) government changed its politics in favor to Israel. Over the past two years the Greek government has been turning more toward Israel. I know of at least one church group in Greece that has been praying for Israel.

1) Lord, You said that those that pray for Israel, Your covenant people, they will be blessed. We know Greece needs a blessing at this time. May the Greek government make a covenant with the God of wisdom.

I want to give the rest of this prayer time to two prayer request I received from two intercessors in Greece.

From Bro. Spyros

This is a prayer request to the Lord that a sister in Christ redacted. I totally agree with her letter. Please take it in consideration, when you pray for Greece.

2) Please, pray that the believers in Greece will seek the Lord with all their heart and that the Lord will raise anointed leaders and teachers who will preach and teach His Word, and pastor the congregations, guided by His Spirit and not by their own spirit and understanding. Because, how far can a Church go without good leadership? We need a strong and holy church, to be able to set an example and to witness to people for Christ.

3) Please, continue to pray that the devil's schemes for this country will not prosper and that Greece will serve Jesus and will become known to the world as the country that loves and takes pride in Jesus and not in the false demonic gods of the ancient pagan times. For centuries, the human spirit [humanism] has prevailed in this country. Now is the time for the Holy Spirit to prevail.

4) Pray that the current economic difficulties in Greece will open the eyes of the Greeks to understand that "the wages of sin is death". That they will be fed up with sin, as they will understand where corruption, lies and injustice have brought the country and that their hearts will be changed and they will seek the truth and justice. That they will hunger and thirst for the Word of God and a huge revival will stir up the whole nation.

5) Pray that all men of corruption and injustice will be exposed and what they have stolen from public money will be returned to the state.

6) Also pray for believers and men of justice to be given positions of influence, so that they will help in putting an end to corruption and they will set up an example of justice and Christian life.

7) And please continue praying for our government to have wisdom and to be guided by the Lord when they make decisions for the present and the future of the country. And, if among them there are evil men, who intentionally harm the nation because they seek their own profit, these men will be exposed and will be cut off from the government.

8) Please, pray for a Christian state leadership in Greece. We would love to have a true and devout Christian leader in this country. We need a leader who will understand the Word of the Lord. There isn't such a politician, that we know of, in the Greek society.

9) May the Lord anoint a David (who is hidden at the moment) and bring him to the light, soon.

10) Finally, pray that Greece will be protected from the Islamic spirits, which seek to bring death and chaos, …

11) Pray that the government will find a way to deal with this issue and that these evil Islamic spirits will be bound and will not continue to harm the Greek society.

12) At the same time, please pray that those of the Muslims who have a heart for the Lord will find Jesus here and a huge number of them will be saved.

From Pastor Jim in Crete:

Dear brother Jerry,

We need prayers for the island of Crete, Greece.

We believe God is about to start a revival in the city of Iraklion.

God has spoken to Pastors I work with that a "revolution" in Greece will start on Crete.

God bless you, Jim Vamvoukakis

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