Monday, July 16, 2012

Pray for Romania

Week of July 16-22,2012

Earlier this year Zuzanna and I were introduced by email to a man who has given a lot of time and resources to shipping relief items into Romania; clothing, food, medicine, medical devices, etc. This past weekend Zuzanna and I plus a couple that have been our mentors, Dale and Linda Hood, drove down to Louisiana to meet him. It was a pleasure to meet Johnny Huffman and his wife Sissy. To hear the stories of how God provided the relief items, how the finances came in to ship containers, to see their warehouse and how they process the relief items was just amazing. Over and over they gave glory to God as they told of miracle after miracle. It is amazing what God will do through those that are willing to go the extra mile.

Matthew 5:41

And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two.

Johnny Huffman has shipped 71 containers of relief items to Romania in the past 15 years. He even sent a tractor one time. These things were not sent to the government but mainly to Romanian churches and ministries to be given to the Romanian people in the name of Jesus.

1) Let us celebrate Johnny and Sissy Huffman for their loving hearts. (By the way, their main ministry is taking care of orphans and they presently have ten children) Lord, we ask for your continual blessings upon their lives.

2) Johnny is planning to ship another container to Romania in October. Let us pray for the contents, finances for shipping, and an overall covering of angels to make sure each item gets to a soul in need.

3) For this planned container, there is a need for winter coats. Let us pray that there would be an abundance of coats donated.

4) Of all the Balkan countries, the people of Romania have opened their hearts to the Gospel more than others. Lord, we ask that You continue to pour out Your blessings on Romania.

5) Although God is blessing Romania in many ways, there are still many villages without an evangelical church. Let us pray that many will go into all the villages and share Jesus with the poor, hurting and lost.

6) Let us pray for Christian radio and television in Romania. May finances come forth for the stations to be setup. Let there be managers and owners that really love the Lord and can hear His voice. May preachers and teachers see the importance of proclaiming the Gospel over the air-ways.

7) Let us also pray for the Internet and the development of Christian websites. Let us believe for Romanian websites where people brag about what God has done for them and salvation is presented.

8) Let us pray for a major ministry that will incorporate the above technologies to reach those that speak Romanian.

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