Monday, July 23, 2012

Pray for Serbia

Psalms 112:9
He has dispersed abroad,
He has given to the poor;
His righteousness endures forever;
His horn will be exalted with honor.

I remember when I was living in Serbia (Yugoslavia) 25 years ago and the ministers and people I meet that had a burden for that country. Not only do I remember men and women that came from abroad, but local pastors and church workers. I remember those men and women that had a passion for lost souls. I think of how they sacrificed to do what they could for the people of Serbia.

  1)      Truly Lord you will reward those people that gave of themselves for Serbia over the years. Some are now in the Lord’s presence. Those still serving, may they be abundantly blessed spiritually and materially.  May they know the joy of having the Lord’s presents daily.
  2)      Thank You, Lord, for the ministries that have remained and have grown. We ask for wisdom to be granted to pastors and leaders.
There are reports of pastors in Serbia coming together in unity. This is truly an answer to prayer.
  3)      Lord, we pray for continued unity among the pastors. May they see that unity disrupts the enemy’s plans.
  4)      We pray for the finances of the churches. Release the joy of giving in the people’s hearts. Lord, help the pastors to stay full-time in ministry and not have to take secular jobs.
  5)      Lord, we pray for the marketplace in Serbia. Send the Christians out into the marketplace with joy. We actually pray that Christians will dominate the marketplace. Lord, move Christians into key positions in government and non-government institutions.
  6)      Let us pray for the women of Serbia. May a witness go out into the market place designed to touch the hearts of the women.
  7)      The Serbian woman works hard for her family. May the churches gear up to minister to the needs of women. May they be appreciated into God’s Kingdom.
  8)      Summer youth camps are an important evangelical tool. Many of Serbia’s present ministers came to know Jesus in a summer camp. Holy Spirit, we ask for a special setting apart of every young person that attends a camp this summer. Every seed that is planted in their hearts, may it come to full growth. Oh, Holy Spirit, guard them from negative peer-pressure in their culture.
  9)      Let us pray for the youth pastors, may they have the time and the passion to minister to the youth.  May discipleship be guided by the Holy Spirit.

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