Monday, September 03, 2012

Pray for Croatia

Week of Sept. 3-9,2012

Good things are happening along the Adriatic Sea coast of Croatia. It is becoming the play ground of Europe, as many come to enjoy the beach and sun each summer. This summer has been good with more tourist than before. The native Croatians have done their best to accommodate, entertain and provide their best sea food. Even celebrates came this summer to enjoy the calm sea and picturesque village atmosphere.

1)    Lord, we bless You in Your creation. Truly You have blessed Croatia with a beautiful coast.
2)    Tourist are tourist and they come and go, but the Croatians stay. As the Fall comes and then followed by Winter, the people settle down to a quieter time May they reflect on their spiritual needs. Lord, quicken them to the voice of eternity in their hearts.
3)    There are very few evangelical churches down along the Adriatic coast. Lord, we ask for evangelist to be raised up with a burden for the people there.

John 6: 27 (KJV) Labour not for the meat that perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for Him hath God the Father sealed.

4)    I heard a report the other day that there is only one evangelical church on the eastern side of Zagreb the capitol and main city of Croatia (250,000 people est.). Let us pray that many will be given a burden for the people of that area. Video:

I heard the word “peace” for Croatia; A time of no outside threats. The Austro-Hungarian empire is long gone; the Italians have their economic problems; the Serbs have been humbled and Croatia will become a state in the European Union next year.

5)    Let us pray for economic and governmental blessings for Croatia. Lord, we pray for the positioning of key leaders.
6)    We pray for Christians to be leaders in the market place and the halls of government. Lord, give wisdom and favor to the people of God. Show them how to solve Croatia’s internal problems.

7)    Let us pray for Gospel broadcast. Lord, open the airways for the Good News. Lord, prepare pastors to teach, technicians to program shows and video artist to capture attention. Let there be modern productions that speak to a new generation.

8)    Let us pray for an anointing on the churches to reach the younger generation. Show them how to speak the Gospel in this generation’s language. Jesus has a relative message that can touch this generation’s needs.

9)    Let us thank the Lord for all the summer youth camps that was held for the youth in Croatia.  Lord, bless everyone that was involved. Bless the children that heard, the teachers that taught, the guest that spoke and the people who gave to meet the financial needs. Lord, may those children go on to walk in Your glory. Help them to stand up to the pressure of their peers.

10)    There are many praying for a drug rehabilitation center for Croatia. Let us join in asking the Lord for the funding and Christian staff that know how to minister the delivering power of God.

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