Monday, December 31, 2012

Pray for Romania

Week of Dec. 31,2012 - Jan. 6,2013

This Romanian man took off his ragged coat and put on the new coat European Initiative brought him, Jan. 2012.

In this sequence of Praying for the Balkans; praying for Romania comes at an opportune, if not critical time. This will be the 5th consecutive year for European Initiative, which is primarily an evangelical ministry working out of Berlin, Germany, to conduct an outreach to Romania in January. The purpose is to bring warm outer-garments (coats, gloves, hats, shoes, boots) to the very poor, primarily Gypsy population in central Romania. By giving away these items, we are able to get into homes and reach families to share the love of Jesus. Last year, January 2012, we saw over 80 people accept Jesus as Savior. Last year we only reached one village, this year we are geared up to reach six villages. We are believing for many to come into the Kingdom. The outreach dates are January 10th thru 16th. Zuzanna and I are in charge of organizing and managing this outreach. We ask for your prayers of covering and enabling so we may partner with the Lord in blessing the people of Romania.

As I have reported in the past, Zuzanna and I have committed to serving with European Initiative. For us, 2013 will be mainly spent setting up a European Initiative base in Zagreb, Croatia; a base to serve the Balkan countries. (We expect to actually move there in June, 2013)

Let us focus our prayers this week on the final preparations for the 2013 Romanian Outreach:

1)    We have an urgent need to pray right now for the shipment of shoes to get released out of the Romanian Customs at the Black Sea port of Constanta. Because these boots and shoes are new branded shoes the authorities are demanding documentation that they were actually donated as “not to be sold”. Let us pray that even though we are in the middle of this holiday time, the documentation will be satisfied and the container of shoes released within hours.
2)    Let us pray that the “Crocs” shoe company, which make this donation, will make this a priority and quickly produce the documentation.
3)    Let us pray that the Romanian Customs will quickly process this shipment and release the container to its destination.

Final preparations for the team of 18 people from America and Europe:
4)    Pray that each team member will have their financial needs meet for the trip.
5)    Pray for Angelic protection, over each team member’s health, travel, luggage and their families and possessions back home. May this be a season of special covering. We rebuke any demon that has an assignment against this team. James 4:7 Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
6)    (We are confident every team member is divinely chosen for this outreach) As each team member submits to You, Jesus, may Your grace, anointing and destiny be full in their lives and ready to spill over in the heart of Romania.

There is also a team of local church workers assembling in Romania:
7)    Lord, we thank You and we are amazed at what You are doing trough “City on a Hill” church in Apata, Romania. (Click link for Google map location of Apata in Romania, Click Here)
8)    Let us pray for Pastor Eduard and City on a Hill as they prepare for this outreach. Lord, we pray  for each Romanian team member as they prepare to assist with translation, logistics and accommodations.  Lord, put an expectation in their hearts to see Your glory over the coming days.

The unreached of Romania:
9)     Lord, we ask for the nation of Romania. We believe it can be a “sheep nation” and we pray against the enemy and all his plans for Romania.
10)    Let us pray for the people in the villages around Apata. May their hearts be prepared by the Holy Spirit to receive the Gospel. Although the Gypsies in this area are down trodden and poverty stricken, may this be the season of turning for them.
11)    Lord, we pray for every individual touched by this outreach; the people in the villages, the City on a Hill church members, the foreign team, and even the custom agents that are holding up the shipment.
12)    We also pray for the Crocs company, Operation Blessing (they first took the donation of shoes); May blessings be on their operations and staff. May profit and peace be their portion.
13)    Let us pray for special blessings on those that gave toward this outreach. They have a major part in this outreach and can rejoice with the angels over every soul that comes to Jesus.

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