Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pray for Bosnia Herzegovina

When I was in Croatia about five weeks ago my wife and I attended a retreat on the Adriatic coast of pastors and Christian workers. One early morning I went to a prayer meeting and was paired up to pray with a young lady. I found out later she was from Estonia but was working in Bosnia. I had many questions for her about Bosnia and was excited to hear that God was opening up many ministries. Her name is Jael Puusaag and you can read one of her stories at http://news.om.org/country-article/r27610 and http://www.ebay.com/itm/Jael-Puusaag-God-s-Peacemaker-/220907449231

1. Lord Jesus, we pray that You spread Your cloak over Bosnia Herzegovina. Let us seek the Lord for the release of the Holy Spirit all across Bosnia.
2. Here at Praying for the Balkans we have been praying for Bosnia for many years. Four years ago the report was that there were very, very few evangelical churches in Bosnia. The last report I heard was that there is now more than 25. The Lord is faithful.
3. Let us pray for Jael Puusaag. Lord, we ask for great favor to be her portion. May she wade deep into the river of the Lord’s presence. (I see Jael taking buckets into the river flowing from the throne, filling them and then going into the villages pouring joy upon the hurting)
4. Let us pray for the many villages throughout Bosnia. Lord, we ask You to send many peace makers and physical/emotional healers. The war years hurt the people deeply and they need Your touch, Lord.
5. Let us cry out for the capital, Sarajevo – 95% Muslim.
6. Let us ask for the Lord’s plan to reach Sarajevo. Lord, lay the burden upon Your trusted intercessors. May they stand in the “gap” for that important city.
7. Let us pray for teams to go and proclaim Jesus in the plazas and open markets.
8. May many hear the call of the Holy Spirit to go to Bosnia for short term mission trips this coming summer. May churches send teams to minister in Sarajevo and the villages. Let this be a summer of expressing love to Bosnia.

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Praying for the Balkans, Project said...

Hi, Jerry, thank you so much for including me in the prayer project this week! the timing of it is quite amazing- this Friday is my birthday! I keep carrying neckless in a shape of a cup (ever since I came to Bosnia 12 years ago), to remind me that I need to keep going back to the River to refill my cup so I can take the Living Water to the others. Just within the past few weeks God has given me a new challenge in ministry, having to grow more in leadership. I guess that means, God wants to increase my limits from a "cup" to a "bucket"! Thank you again!