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Pray for Bulgaria

Week of March 4-10, 2013

Operation Capitals of Europe is an organization set up to hold prayer and intercessory events in the capital cities of Europe. They just completed a four day prayer event in Sophia, Bulgaria. Following is a report from that meeting.
OCE in Sofia 20-24 Feb. 2013

The most dramatic event occurred on the day of arrival into Sofia; the Government of Bulgaria resigned, after much turmoil in the country, which led to conflicts with the Police and bloodshed.

We perceived the timing of the event as the Voice of the Lord saying “this is the timing for a shift in government”, meaning, also in matters pertaining to the Body of Christ and its leaders. No wonder our host Pastor, Pavel Ignatov, had also resigned a few days earlier, from a position he has had as leader of many churches in Bulgaria. Further, on Sunday 24 Feb. the Orthodox Church of Bulgaria was scheduled to elect their new Patriarch!

When the event of the OCE in Sofia was decided a year earlier, we had had no knowledge, and none could predict, that it would be God’s timing for a major shift in the heavenly places, causing major shifts in positions of government on the earth. As Pastor Pavel Ignatov repeatedly said, that was a “a sign from God” that the Operation Capitals of Europe in Sofia was an event for which God sent His servants to perform His good will in Bulgaria.

We give thanks to the Lord for Philip Rashev who did all the hard work for the OCE in Sofia, and involved his Pastor Pavel Ignatov and their church. Thanks to them several Pastors attended. On the opening meeting 10 Bulgarian Pastors came to the platform to lead prayer for their country.

Philip also organized prayer for Sofia to be held on Mount Vitosha, overlooking the city. That memorable event was held on Saturday morning. Even though Vitosha was covered in snow, the Lord granted us good weather that day so we could reach the place where we could pray from.

We also prayed a lot for the foundations of the city. It's not a coincidence as the government did a lot of road and city building the recent years, they uncovered the foundations of the ancient city which was called Serdika. As the physical often is a reflection of the spiritual, we saw this as a sign. We prayed often Isaiah 62:1-6, praying for the new name and identity as God sees the city to come forth. We also prayed and declared Psalm 24 for the Government and in front of the main entrance door; that Jesus, the King of Glory may come in there!

The event was closed with a celebration lunch after Sunday church service in Sofia, before the OCE team and 3 Bulgarian friends drove off to Skopje.

An awesome testimony of God’s power released through the OCE in Sofia became known to us on Sunday 3 March, through a Bulgarian sister who has been praying for the salvation of her family. Two ladies in Bulgaria suddenly opened their hearts to Jesus and started praying and reading the Bible, as each one separately had a divine visitation on Friday 22 March. That was the 2nd day of our prayers in Sofia, and more specifically, the day we prayer-walked in the center of the city!

1.    Thank You, Jesus, for moving OCE to have this prayer event at this critical time in Bulgaria’s history. Let us seal the prayers that were prayed in Sophia, asking the Lord to guard the spiritual stones that were set in place.
2.    Let us pray for those that gave of their time to go and pray. Lord, we ask You to guard them as they have returned to their homes and occupations. Protect them from the enemy who would now like to stir up doubt and insignificance.
3.    Lord, we thank You for encouraging the evangelical pastors in Bulgaria.
4.    An extra measure of dominion was granted by these acts of obedience. May they seize upon the open window in heaven and receive from the Lord His blessings for their country.

It is a time of trouble for Bulgaria. If you have time read the following link:

There is no moral compass for the Bulgarian people. With the Bulgarian Orthodox church compromising with the communist government for many years and even now the people feel the church is compromising with the present corrupt government.

5.    Lord, the government is in disorder, so we pray for order and peace. Let us pray for men and women of peace to step into the void.
6.    Let us pray for revival in Bulgaria. There is emptiness in the hearts of Bulgarians and we know the Gospel is the solution.
7.    It is time for the Truth to be spoken to the Bulgarian people. Lord, let the Gospel go forth in the media. Lord, we pray for a reordering of the public news outlets. Lord, move your redeemed ones, those having a Christian worldview, into the media of Bulgaria.
8.    Let us pray for a move-of-God among the print and broadcast media of Bulgaria. Let us pray that many in the media would get saved.  May the intercessors of Bulgaria press forward on this media issue.
9.    Holy Spirit, come quickly on behalf of Bulgaria; The Lord’s wisdom is the solution for the confusion.

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