Monday, April 01, 2013

Pray for Montenegro

Week of April 1-7, 2013

Montenegro is a small country with a population of just over a half million people. Here are some recent things of concern:
⦁    In the News - “Montenegro’s reforms are ambitious. And they are on the right path. We encourage you to continue your efforts, especially in reinforcing the rule of law, and fighting corruption and organized crime. More reforms in the defense sector will also be critical. There is still hard work to do. But Montenegro is moving in the right direction,” the NATO Secretary General Rasmussen said during a press conference with Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović.
⦁    There is investment money coming into Montenegro on the premise that it can be developed as a tourist destination.
⦁    In the News - A high-ranking Montenegrin state official resigned on Thursday after a video appeared on YouTube, which showed him having sex with an unidentified woman in his office, reported Radio Television Montenegro (RTCG).
⦁    Montenegro since their independence have been making slow but steady economic progress. There are still areas of great poverty, and many refugees from the Kosovo Crisis in the nineties continue to live here in bunkers and makeshift homes. There are only three protestant churches in Montenegro, with a few small home groups meeting along the coastline.

1)    Let us pray for items and issues the NATO secretary mentioned. Pray that Montenegro would truly enforce just laws and especially crackdown on corruption.  Government officials need to be true to codes of law and not let money and favoritism pervert justice.
2)    Let us thank the Lord for exposure of that government official who resigned. May others be exposed who are stealing and lying to the Montenegrin people.
3)    We have prayed for investment to pour into the country before. Let us pray for the investment for tourism to be channeled toward helpful projects and not sinful places like casinos, breweries, etc.
4)    Let us pray that many Christians throughout the world would hear of the great spiritual needs in Montenegro and would invest time and money this coming summer. May the Lord raise up many intercessors to pray for Montenegro.
5)    We pray for those three evangelical churches in the country. Lord, purify them so they would be seen by Montenegrins as a safe place. May the pastors and members reach out beyond their walls to the hurting around them.
6)    Let us pray for the home groups that have been started. May the glory of the Lord be in their mist when they meet and may peace be on these homes at all times. Bless the families that host these meetings.
7)    Let us pray for complete freedom for these churches and home groups. May the Orthodox churches and the government not team up to brand these churches as cults but freely let them operate.
8)    There are many poor and suffering from health problems in Montenegro. Let us pray that the glorious Gospel would be proclaimed and demonstrated to the suffering.

Let me thank you for praying with us for the Balkan countries. May the Lord’s presence be with you as you pray. Let me quote Gordon Lindsay, “It is in recognizing the actual presence of God that we find prayer no longer a chore, but a supreme delight.”

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