Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pray for Serbia

Week of April 15-21, 2013

I want to bring you Praise Reports from Serbia.

Belgrade (Pastor Savic): After teaching on “Relationships Our Daily [Bread]”, Pastor Savic’s church grew to 115 not counting children.

Pastor Savic writes, “Evangelism is still our priority. Every Saturday we organize evangelism at the hotel in downtown Belgrade that is attended by 20 to 30 students. We also started a Bible group every Thursday at the Student dorm .”

Pastors Nebojsa and Gordana Savic have a Family Counseling ministry where they are directing couples in God’s marriage plans. They say, “At the moment we have eight couples, three children and two individuals for counseling.” Because of the work they are doing to help marriages, the news papers and television have interviewed them many times.

Contact information: Savić Nebojša i Gordana
Slavonskih brigada 21, 11030 Belgrade, Serbia
Email Nesa: nesagoca2@gmail.com
Website: www.brakiporodica.org

Novi Sad (Pastors Danny and Vera Kuranji), they write:

 Dear Friends,

This is too good not to share right away!

Last Saturday we had 14 people baptized! Praise and joy followed each one as they came out of the water. Touching testimonies of changed lives have moved us to tears. Changed lives and changed destinies is what Jesus went to the cross for! Thank you, Jesus!

Four young men from the rehab center were in the group, they are in final phase of rehabilitation (more were interested, but we have decided to limit to those who are in center longer than 8 months). Free from heroin, free from sin, adopted in God’s family and excited to be baptized!

Each soul is precious to Him. Thank you for praying for us and we do hope that you will rejoice and praise Him for teenagers, young men and all others that you see on the picture. (picture above)

Love and thanks for your partnership,
Vera & Danny
Contact Information: kuranjid@gmail.com

There are many other good things happening in Serbia; Pastor Sabo in the north and their work with the Roma (Gypsies) and the refugees. There are doors of ministry opening in southern Serbia.
    1)      Thank You, Lord Jesus for the moving of Holy Spirit in Serbia. We pray for daily increase just like in the book of Acts.
    2)      Lord, we pray for the day when Serbia will be a blessing to all the nations surrounding it and even beyond. Let us declare over Serbia the release of Blessing from on high.
    3)      Thank You Lord, for the salvations in Novi Sad, Serbia. Lord, we ask for a seal to be put on each person’s heart that has followed You in baptism. May they see miracles in their lives, transforming them daily.
    4)      Let us pray for the drug and alcohol rehab in Novi Sad. Each client that is there, may they be overwhelmed by Jesus’ love. Be with the counselors and leaders; Give them patients to wait on the transformation in each life. In Prayer, give them hope for the clients. May they all grow in Faith daily.
    5)      Oh, Lord, I know You love Belgrade. Thank You for Pastors Nebojsa and Gordana Savic. Belgrade is a really hard city. Lord, we ask You to protect them and their family daily. Their hearts are totally Yours, make sure they have everything they need.

I see (in the Spirit) a tent set up outside the city of Belgrade. The Lord is in the tent and His army stands at attention in line with the tent. Angels are entering the tent and then exiting with orders in their hands. They go among the ranks selecting their platoon or squad. They lift their swords to the heavens, cry “Holy is the Lamb” and then fly off to do battle in the city.  

    6)      I have to believe that these angels are carrying out the prayers of the intercessors. As we pray, the Lord hears and an angel or assistant writes them out. The Lord places His seal of approval on the order and it is carried out. Lord, do not pull back from the city!
    7)      Let us pray for an army of saints to hear the call to go to Belgrade. Equip them with Your Love. No one can argue with pure Love from above.

Special Prayer: In most of the Balkan nations there are youth camps planned for the summer months. Many present day leaders in the Balkans testify of meeting Jesus in these camps. Pray that this summer many would give their lives to Jesus.

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