Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pray for Slovenia

Week of Aug. 18-24, 2014

In the News: Slovenia Celebrates the Assumption of Mary

Catholics all over the world are celebrating the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary today. (Aug. 15th)

In Slovenia, masses have been held all over the country. Most people are expected in Mary's pilgrimage sites.

The Assumption of Mary, or Veliki Šmaren as it is called in Slovenia, commemorates the death of Jesus Christ's mother Mary, who has a special place in Christianity. This holiday has been celebrated on Aug 15 since 5th century. Pope Pius XII dogmatically defined this dogma in 1950.

In Slovenia, the worshipping of Mary has become very popular. More than 400 churches and chapels as well as, numerous path signs, are dedicated to her.

Does Mary, mother of Jesus receive greater worship than Jesus? Here in Croatia where we live, Mary was highly honored on August 15th. It was a holiday, with most stores and government offices closed. I spent some time witnessing on the streets of Zagreb and I found the main cathedral packed, with even President Ivo Josipovic in attendance. In the catholic cathedrals, statues and pictures of Mary are either elevated equal with Jesus or located in a highly decorated enclave. According to catholic belief, Catholics should pray to Mary because she has a special position in heaven.

Prayer Points:
1)    With Slovenia being a predominantly Catholic nation let us pray that the misguided Mary worship be refocused on the One who should be worshiped, and He is Jesus.
2)    Let us pray that Slovenes would come to know Jesus, may their eyes are opened to the reality that Jesus is the One who can answer their prayers.
Concerning the Evangelical churches:
3)    Our hearts are burdened for the churches in Slovenia. Let us pray that the Lord visit them with His overwhelming love.
4)    Pray that the Christians would not only honor the Lord but honor one another. My they give themselves to each other so the churches may be strengthened.
5)    Let us pray for a special visitation from the Holy Spirit in the churches, that He may root out sin in the churches and bring forth holiness.
6)    Let there be joy in God’s house. Pray that Slovene Christians would be secure in their salvation and excited about their daily walk in His kingdom. Lord, release a real sense of purpose and a knowing that they are chosen by God for such a time as this.
7)    Pray for the pastors and their families. May they be protected from principalities and powers that would want to hinder their work.
8)    Lord, we ask for a release of wisdom upon the pastors that will result in strategies to win the lost in Slovenia.
9)    Let us give thanks for the many children that were touched through the summer youth camps. May the good news they heard in the camps be forever sealed in their hearts.

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