Monday, August 11, 2014

Pray for Serbia

Week of Aug. 11-17, 2014

The following clip is from an older news article, however it still takes us to prayer for the Serbian government.

SERBIA’S political landscape is not the same any more. On March 16th Aleksandar Vucic (pictured), the leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), won an overwhelming electoral victory, shattered the opposition.

This means the new prime minister, Aleksandar Vucic, will need to work to fulfill his promises to fight corruption, get the economy straight and join the EU by 2020. Regarding Kosovo, Vucic recently said that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina will continue and that talks are always the best option. He does have a questionable past and more information can be found in Wikipedia.

Prayer Points:
1)    Let us pray for the Serbian government. Their recent history has been that of corruption including assassinations. We just simply ask for justice for the people.
2)    Please pray for Vucic and his new government as they transition into power. He ran his campaign on promises to fight corruption; may he be held accountable to those promises.
3)    Mr. Vucic is known to be an acute businessman, let’s pray that the grace from God would flow through him and give him wisdom to help the stagnated Serbian economy.
4)    It is always important when praying for government official to pray for their advisers. Let us pray that Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic will be surrounded by men and women of wisdom.

In the News: Serbia and Bosnia hit by new round of deadly flooding
Thursday, August 7th, 2014 By Tom Revell

Severe flooding in Serbia and Bosnia has killed at least one person, just three months after record-breaking floods killed more than 50 people and displaced thousands.
Heavy rain has caused widespread flooding as rivers burst their banks across the Balkans, with Croatia also affected.

4)    These present floods are not comparable to the floods in May of this year, which was of epic proportions, but we should be reminded to pray for all the victims. Let us ask the Lord for special grace as they rebuild their homes and lives.
5)    The recent flooding has devastated so many lives and has been such a tragic and traumatic event which forever changed the life and wellbeing of many thousands of individuals. Many are battling post traumatic stress disorders, depression, suicide. Pray for a blanket of peace and sound minds to prevail.
6)    In Obrenovac, near the capital of Belgrade, where the May floods did their greatest destruction, a ministry was established to help the victims. This is a pioneering work of the Christian Fellowship - Church in Novi Sad, Serbia.  Far as we know this is the first evangelical work of any kind established in this city. We visited the ministry just a few days after they moved in to their building in Obrenovac and we were very impressed with the work they are doing. Lord, we ask your blessings on this work as they minister to the physical and emotional needs of the people. 
7)    This ministry plans to eventually form an evangelical church for the city. Lord, we ask that in Obrenovac there would arise a church of humble people that know the depth of Your grace of recovery.
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