Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pray for Romania

Week of Nov. 3-9, 2014

Couple’s aid for Romania passes 2,000 boxes mark
A Workington couple have shipped more than 2,000 shoeboxes to people in need in Romania over the last 20 years.

Barbara and Howard Jones, both 60, of Gordon Street, have this year collected 263 boxes of treats.

Helped by granddaughter Caitlin, nine, they co-ordinate the collection and delivery of boxes from local schools, churches and people to help.
The couple are the north west representatives for Convoy Aid Romania. They got involved after seeing an appeal for volunteers.

Gifts including warm clothing, toys, sweets and toiletries are collected to be sent to some of the poorest areas of the country every year.

Mr Jones said: “The boxes are sent to all age groups, and send warm clothing, toys, sweets and toiletries.

To contribute, call 01900 65306.

The Securitate
A bloody and still murky revolution that toppled Mr. Ceausescu in December 1989 overthrew Eastern Europe’s most authoritarian government, ending a paranoid dystopia in which one in every 30 Romanians worked as an informer for the ruthless security agency, the Securitate.

The Securitate was the popular term for the Departamentul Securității Statului (Department of State Security), the secret police agency of Communist Romania. Founded on August 30, 1948, with help from the Soviet NKVD. After Ceaușescu was ousted, the DSS lived on until 1991, when Parliament approved a law reorganizing the DSS into various subdivisions.

The Securitate was, in proportion to Romania's population, one of the largest secret police forces in the Eastern bloc. By 1951, the Securitate's staff had increased fivefold, while in January 1956, the Securitate had 25,468 employees. Under the regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu, the Securitate employed some 11,000 agents and had a half-million informers for a country with a population of 22 million by 1985. Under Ceaușescu, the Securitate was one of the most brutal secret police forces in the world, responsible for the arrests, torture and death of thousands of people.

Prayer points:
1)    Lord, we thank you for Romania and the freedom that the people now have. You have proven Your love for the suffering they endured. May You continue to show great favor. Let us pray that the past will be buried and for trust to return.
2)    Pray for the poor of Romania, which ranks among the lowest in average income in Europe, Lord we pray for innovative solutions that can bring jobs to the poor in Romania.
3)    Thank You Lord for the family in the above story, may they be blessed and be an inspiration for others to participate in similar programs.
4)    These shoeboxes are filled with items that are considered treasures to these people. Lord, as these are given in Your name may they be forever a reminder of Your love to each family.
5)    Pray that there would be safe passage of these boxes to Romania. May an angel be assigned to each box.
6)    Let us stand in the gap for the children of Romania. Pray that Jesus would be presented to them and the Holy Spirit would capture their lives. Let us believe for a generation of Christians that will be a force in the earth to show forth His glory.

At EI Balkans, we are preparing to host two different teams in Romania. One in December and another in January 2015. These teams will minister to the Roma in the Public School, to the believers in a Church service and we will take the teams house to house, bringing much needed groceries, coats, shoes and other winter items while sharing the love of Jesus with the poorest Roma in Romania.

Prayer points:

1)    Please pray for all logistics to come together in each location, and all preparations to fall into place on both ends.
2)    Pray for divine appointments as we minister to the needs of so many. Pray that God might be glorified through many salvations and healings!
3)    Pray against the spirit of confusion that would seek to interrupt the outreaches, for unity in the team as well as between the team and local helpers.
4)    December and January in Romania can yield subzero temperatures, please pray for divine health for everyone on the team.

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