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Pray for Serbia

Week of Feb. 16-22, 2015

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In the NEWS: ZAGREB -- Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic stated on Sunday that he and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic had "fruitful talks on all open issues."

[This] ranged "from missing persons to the position of refugees and the treatment of Serbs in Croatia," Tanjug [news agency] reported him as saying.

Vucic told Tanjug after the meeting that they discussed the issue of missing persons on which Grabar Kitarovic insisted, and also the position of refugees and the treatement of President of the Serb National Council Milorad Pupovac and Serbs in Croatia, which were the issues that the Serbian delegation insisted on.

“I believe we had a good meeting,” he said.

Vucic said that the two sides agreed to continue to cooperate, stressing that it is important for the two countries to build up more trust and respect.

“That would be good for the future of both countries,” Vucic said.

Vucic on Sunday attended the inauguration of Croatia's new president.

"Extended hand"
Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic stated on Sunday that he expects to have a good cooperation with Croatia's new President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, adding that he came to Zagreb with a message of peace and a wish for Belgrade and Zagreb to establish and show more mutual respect and trust.

1)    The presence of Prime Minister Vucic at the inauguration of Croatia’s new President Kitarovic was a huge step in the repairing of past atrocities committed by both nations. This is a step in the healing of Serbia, Croatia and the whole of the Balkans.
2)    Let us pray that this hand extended to Croatia would be sincere on the part of both nations.
3)    Let us celebrate the timely forgiveness extended between the Evangelicals in Serbia and Croatia shortly after the 90s’ war. We pray that a full trust and love would flow freely between the Serbian and Croatian houses of faith.
4)    Pray for continued steps toward the healing of Serbia in their relations with the Balkan nations.
5)    Lord, we ask You for an open door to peace between Serbia and Albania. Pray that the haters would be silenced.

In April Ballet Magnificat, a Premier Christian Ballet Company, will perform in Belgrade, Serbia. Ballet Magnificat dances with such elegance and grace that God’s grace is shown forth. This event is being organized by European Initiative Balkans, in order to bless the Christians of Serbia and display the excellence of arts in God’s Kingdom.

In 2014, Ballet Magnificat conducted four performances in Zagreb, Croatia and the result was beyond our expectations. We saw many deeply challenged in their beliefs. Also another remarkable effect was the unity among the churches that volunteered as translators, helpers and one on one witnesses themselves. On of the key results of these performances and those of similar events have been, that they help elevate the public’s perception of non-Catholic Christian churches. 

Prayer Points:
6)    Pray that the Lord will use Ballet Magnificat to touch the city of Belgrade and Serbia. May many, Christians and non-Christians, see the excellence that can spring forth from those whose talents are committed to the Lord.
7)    Pray that even now the Holy Spirit would begin preparing the hearts of those that will attend. Let’s ask the Lord for many lost to attend.
8)    Let us pray for the core team led by Zuzanna organizing the event as they prepare the venues, media advertising and mobilize the churches to get engaged.
9)    The enemy will not rest easy seeing Christian performing arts take center stage in Belgrade. Let us pray for a hedge of protection for the event, organizers, dancers, etc.
10)     This event is geared to bless the city of Belgrade, as the funds form the ticket sales will be donated to a children's hospital. Please pray that these tools would open wide the hearts of city officials and help elevate the publics perception of non-Orthodox, Christian entities.

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