Monday, July 26, 2010

Pray for Albania

The following story touched me, especially when I went to the website and seen the pictures.

In Albania, since 1995, over 500 babies have been abandoned in the streets or in maternity hospitals by their mothers........

The maternity hospitals in Albania do not have the staffing, supplies, or budget to properly feed, clothe, or attend to these infants.

In August 1996, a non-governmental organization, Organization for the Support of Albania’s Abandoned Babies (OSAAB), was created to provide for these children on a daily basis, with the support of Albania’s expatriate community, Albanian women, and individuals and groups abroad.

Prior to the existence of OSAAB, abandoned babies were fed rice water and, occasionally, milk from other mothers in the hospital. They had no clothes or diapers, and were wrapped so tightly in soiled cloth that movement of their arms or legs was impossible for days at a time. They were not given names, but were simply referred to by numbers. They had never experienced the feeling of being held, cuddled, or rocked to sleep to the sound of a soothing voice.

Thanks to the generosity of many people, the babies now receive formula, diapers, and clean clothing on a daily basis. Volunteers visit the hospital daily to feed, hold, and talk to the babies.

1. Let us pray for these abandoned babies asking the Lord for special grace on their behalf. Lord make a way for them to be adopted by loving families.
2. We give thanks for these volunteers that are able to help about a tenth of these abandoned babies. May this organization be granted more money so they can recruit more volunteers.

3. There are good things happening in Albania concerning the economy. Investment is coming into the country although slowly. Let us pray that investment would not only be invested wisely but that productivity in the country would rise.

4. There are reports of churches in Albania getting together to fast and pray one day of each month. Lord, we join our faith with our Albanian brothers and sisters and ask You to be in their mist during prayer but walk with them through each day letting grace do its perfect work.

5. May the churches rise up and touch the social fabric of Albania. Give the pastors vision and strategies to communicate the gospel to the population.

6. Lord, I ask You to put Albania on the hearts of Your church throughout the world. Not only that the saints would pray but they would go or send others. Just as Paul (Ro. 15:19) went to Albania 2,000 years ago, may others hear the call today.

7. Let us pray for the Albanian Bible Institute in Durres, Albania. We pray God would direct them in preparing pastors and Christian workers of Albania. Read more at

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