Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Pray for Kosovo

Kosovo is in the center of the Balkans. There is a big dispute over Kosovo as to whether it is still part of Serbia or if it is independent. We do not wish to get into that debate but rather pray for the people of Kosovo. Many spiritual seeds have been planted there and we need to pray that they remain and grow.

Published: 07.29.11, 00:12
American and French peacekeepers were told Thursday to fire their weapons in defense if attacked at border posts on Kosovo's northern boundary with Serbia, a day after the crossings were set ablaze by Serbs armed with firebombs, a NATO spokesman said.

There have been days of mounting tension between ethnic Albanians and minority Serbs after Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci ordered special police units to take over two disputed border posts that were previously manned by Serb members of the police under EU supervision. One Kosovo policeman died in the operation. (AP) http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4101666,00.html

1) Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia are being stirred up again. Let us first pray that things would calm down.
2) Thank You, Lord, that no one was seriously hurt in the recent border unrest.
3) Let us pray that the NATO troops would actually work toward being peace-keepers and not take sides in the dispute.
4) Lord, we pray that You would raise up and put into position men and women that have the respect of both parties and could bring forth a peaceful and permanent solution.
5) Let us pray against the enemy and his plans to make sure there is no peace between the Serbs and Kosovars (Albanians). Lord, change hearts and raise up a new generation that will reject the hatred of the past.

Personal Story: In 1985 I went to Kosovo to visit a couple, John and Maria Angelic, who had moved from Serbia to start a church in Kosovo. At this time the church hadn’t been established but they were settling in. It was Easter Sunday and I remember thinking; “In America the churches are filled on this day but here in Kosovo there is no evangelical church to attend”.
Now this Report: The annual “Life for Kosovo” event at Easter was a great success, and Christians from across the country [Kosovo] travelled to the town of Gjilan to share God’s love in practical ways. The week of good work culminated in an open air Easter message service, which was very well attended! One person said: “It’s hard to believe that someone still will sacrifice his time and money in these days, for someone else that they don’t know”. (from http://www.eurovangelism.org.uk/)

6) Rejoice with me in the above report. This really thrills my heart because back 26 years ago the spiritual climate was dry as a desert.
7) Lord, this is all Your plan. You never gave up on Kosovo. Lord, continue to send Your love.
8) Let us pray that the heart of the Balkans will be healed.
9) John and Maria Angelic are now pastors in Hungary. Lord, I ask that you bless them and all others that gave of themselves for Kosovo.

Over my 40 plus years of being a Christian, I have seen seed planted and have witnessed fruit come forth. Never, never despise the small things you do or the prayers you pray for the Kingdom, God is planting a seeds.

For my opinion of the Kosovo conflict see Editor's Comments on Kosovo at http://freebalkans.com/Kosovo.html

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