Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pray for Serbia

First let me share the following letter from a pastor in Serbia.

Hi Jerry!
Next year election is coming up in Serbia. It seems that the present democratic party will lost the majority. And more national radical parties will get the power. That will mean departing from the pro European course. That can mean more ethnic problems and tensions with Kosovo.
The people are confused and disappointed.
Serbia has to come to face its past and to change we need brokenness and humility.
Kosovo question is quenching the life out of the people and they are blind and don't know that.
Spiritually everything is shaking.
Praying for new churches for spirit of mission.
Bibles schools in the land.
Several top leading pastors has been divorced this year. We need mercy.

Pastor V. Sabo, Subotica, Serbia

Also I recieved an email of a missionary family that has had to leave Serbia. I won’t give their name because of confidentiality at this point.

1) Let us pray for the political situation in Serbia. It would be a step backwards if the radical parties were to win. Let us pray that the radical camp would go into confusion. Let there be no unity within those parties that still hold hate in their hearts.
2) Lord, we ask You for the placement of godly people in the political process of Serbia.
3) There is corruption throughout the institutions in Serbia. Lord, we ask for exposure of those that prey on the weak. Lord, let the fruits of greed be bitter for them.

Job 7:6 (NKJV)
“My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle, And are spent without hope.

4) Many Serbs are suffering because of lack of hope. Just like Job, they see this world passing swiftly. Every day without hope is just another day of death. Let us pray that the people of Serbia would find hope.
5) Lord, we ask that You put into the hearts of Your intercessors a fire for Serbia. Lord, You are the only hope for that land, please rescue them. Lord, there was a time when You would have destroyed Your people Israel but Moses stood in the gap. Lord, please raise up intercessors for Serbia.
6) Let us pray for the reconciling of marriages in Serbia. Let us start at the ‘house of faith’ and ask for the reunion of these marriages Pastor Sabo mentioned. Let them return to their first love.
7) There is hope. I just read a report from Pastors Nebojsa and Gordana Savic in Belgrade. They are being given interview time by the secular tv and radio stations to share healthy solutions for marriage and family. Lord, we pray your hand be upon them and give them much wisdom.

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