Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pray for Romania

Maramures is a county in the northern most part of Romania. In my research I came across this area but could not find much information on it. That just makes me want to pray for the area even more. I could find no reference of an evangelical church there.

In 2002, Maramures County had a population of 510,110 and a population density of 81 inhabitants per square kilometre (210 /sq mi).
• Romanians - 82% (or 441,288)
• Hungarians - 9.1% (or 46,300)
• Ukrainians - 6.7% (or 34,027)
• Roma - 1.7% (or 8,913)
• Germans - 0.4% (or 2,012), and others.
Looking back: In 1910, 18.4% of the county were Jewish.

MaramureČ™ is known for its pastoral and agricultural traditions, largely unscathed by the industrialization campaign that had been carried on during Romania's communist period. Plowing, planting, harvesting, and hay making are mostly done through manual labor. The county is also home to a strong mining industry.

1) Lord, we look to You for guidance as how to pray for the people of Maramures County. You know their needs; Lord, share Your heart for them with us.
2) No place is too remote or too traditional that the people can’t be touched by God’s love for them. Our God is faithful and He has already built into their culture a way that leads to His redemptive plan for them.
3) May the Lord anoint the pastors and teachers that He knows will be faithful to the people there.

Let us think about seed time and Harvest. The ground is first plowed. The sewer then goes forth and sews. The seeds are watered and nurtured. Then the plant breaks out of the ground and starts to grow quickly. The full plant develops and the fruit starts to appear.

4) Let us pray for the ground that the Holy Spirit and the intercessors have plowed in Romania. Let us also pray for the ground that is waiting for the plow.
5) Lord, all the villages in Romania that need an evangelical witness. Let us pray to the ‘Lord of the Harvest’ that He will send out the sewer with good seed.
6) Let not these witnesses give up in waiting for the seed to take root, but rather let them go forth watering, praying, making sure the ground is kept ready.
7) Let us pray for the seed to germinate. Let many people get saved in Romania. The Holy Spirit working in hearts to convict and the enemy being bound so the people can make full decisions.
8) Then the pastors, farmers need to protect and fertilize the young tender souls. Let the roots go deep into the Word and let them grow and grow.
9) Once the plant has matured the fruit appears.
10) Lord, we ask for Your eyes to be upon Romania and guide the Seed time and Harvest.
11) Let us pray for Intercessors that plow in the spirit, Evangelist that sew, Pastors and Teachers that water and nourish the harvest of Romania. Lord, may there be unity and singleness of purpose.

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