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Pray for Serbia Nov. 14-20, 2011

Pray for Serbia 

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In August we had prayed for Nebojsa and Gordana Savic in Belgrade. The above video shows how God has prospered their work.

1)      Once again let us pray for this church in Belgrade, Serbia. May the Lord open doors of ministry. May the Lord send the lost to get saved but also helpers that will help disciple the new Christians.
2)     Lord, we pray You raise up “investor” for this ministry. Spiritually; intercessors that will stand in the gap. Givers; that will join the work in Belgrade through financial help.

News headline - "Islamic communities unification plan falls through”
BELGRADE -- The Serbian authorities refused to sign an agreement detailing the reconciliation of the two Islamic communities in Serbia, writes a Belgrade-based newspaper. http://www.b92.net/eng/news/politics-article.php?yyyy=2011&mm=11&dd=01&nav_id=77125

3)     The underlying motive of Islam is world domination with every nation being in bondage to Mohammad’s teaching. Lord, we pray that the Islamic leaders in Serbia would remain in confusion.
4)      There is a part of West Serbia that is called Sandzak, where there is a majority of Islamic believers. We pray for confusion in that area. May the true motives of their leaders be revealed. Let us pray that attendance in the Mosque would drop significantly. (Тhe name Sandžak derives from the Sanjak of Novi Pazar, a former Ottoman administrative district that existed until the Balkan Wars of 1912, whereas Raška was the name of a prominent Serbian Kingdom)
5)      Let us pray that the Lord would send a powerful witness into that area. Pray that the joy of the Lord would be released across that land. Lord raise up intercessors to plow the ground. Lord, send Your evangelist and pastors to plant seeds of righteousness.

 >> The first week of August, this year, we had prayed for the Serbia and Kosovo border. The following report is good news.

  The agreement envisages joint Kosovo and Serbian customs points and it does not require Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s independence. The Kosovo government has agreed to have integrated control over the crossings with central Serbia, in accordance with the EU standards. http://www.b92.net/eng/news/politics-article.php?yyyy=2011&mm=11&dd=12&nav_id=77302
6)     Lord, we thank You for smoothing out relations between the Serbs and the Kosovars. You are a peacemaker, Lord. Although it may be hard to see with our eyes and understanding, but we pray that someday the Serbs and Kosovars will live peacefully together.
7)     Let us pray that the Christians in both Serbia and Kosovo would set an example by having fellowship with one another.
8)     Let us pray for Northern Serbia, the Vojvodina area. There has been much ministry in this area but there is much more needed. We thank the Lord for the Baptist and Assemblies of God for their many efforts and the fruit that has remained. There is a disunity problem among the pastors and churches. Let us pray that the curse of disunity would be lifted.
9)      I want to return to a past prayer. Back in March of this year the Lord gave me a mental vision and ask me to pray into the vision. I saw five intercessors praying for six pastors to raise up and release seven evangelist to declare the Kingdom of God in Serbia. (5-6-7)
It starts with the intercessors. Lord, bring those intercessors together in Your time.

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