Monday, April 02, 2012

Pray for Greece

Week of April 2-8,2012

I felt that the following scriptures were a guide to this week’s prayer direction.

Isaiah 66:3b-4
Just as they have chosen their own ways,
And their soul delights in their abominations,
So will I choose their delusions,
And bring their fears on them;
Because, when I called, no one answered,
When I spoke they did not hear;
But they did evil before My eyes,
And chose that in which I do not delight.

1. Greece claims to be a Christian nation but overwhelmingly the Greeks do not serve the Lord with all their heart. For many centuries now Jesus has been mostly represented by a building on a street that contains Icons. Let us pray for Greek eyes to be opened once again to the Gospel.

2. Because they delighted in their abominations, God has allowed delusion. Those Greeks that are religious seem to delight in their perverted doctrines. Let us pray that the Lord would have mercy on the Greek population and release a hunger for the truth.

3. Jesus called but they did not answer. They were busy following their own lust and greed. Let us pray that the present financial crisis would draw the Greeks back to Biblical principles.

4. Greece is like a field that lay dormant for centuries. There is richness in the soil. Lord, send Your tractors out to plow the fields and stir up the nutrients.

5. When the Gospel first came to Greece it was embraced. The Apostle Paul talks about the move of God in Greece where even businessmen and philosophers were coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. As we cry out for Your mercy, Lord, may You prepare the Greek heart to once again receive the Gospel.

6. May we continue to believe for revival in Greece. As the institutions that men have trusted in are being shaken, may evangelist be found proclaiming God’s place of comfort for the soul.

7. Let us pray for Greeks that live throughout the world. May they be evangelized also.

8. Let us pray for the evangelical churches in Greece. May they take a bold step outside of their four walls to plant the love of Jesus in the newly plowed fields of Greece.

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