Monday, April 30, 2012

Pray for Romania
Week of  March 30 - April 6, 2012

“Their deeds do not permit them
to return to their God.
A spirit of prostitution is in their heart;
they do not acknowledge the Lord.

I was in a prayer meeting and I randomly opened my Bible to see if God would speak. I opened to Hosea and my eyes fell on Hosea 5:4.  I read it and then waited on the Lord. This passage, in its context, is the Lord rebuking Ephraim.

I begin to think of how sin can deaden us to righteousness. In the prayer meeting I was actually seeking a direction to pray for Romania. At first I thought, “This is too harsh for Romania”. Then I heard the lord, “I have already rebuked Romania, you need to pray for deliverance from their bondage to sin’.

1)      Let us pray for the Lord’s mercy. Lord, we ask for You to gaze upon Romania with compassion. Lord, we stand in the gap for those lost in darkness.

2)      Thank You, Lord, that You are ready to forgive sin. Many men and women have brought curses on Romania through their depraved decisions, but You, Lord are breaking through. Thank You for open doors.

3)      Romania has a greater percentage of evangelical Christians than any other Balkan country. We thank the Lord for this but there are still many caught in darkness. Lord, although their deeds have cursed them from seeking You, Your mercy can surround them with truth. Lord, we ask that You shine a light into their dark world.

4)      Let us pray for the Christians of Romania. Lord, prepare them to shine Your light. May they be flash-lights. A light bulb fills a room with light but a flash-light is pointed directly at something.  Lord, send your saints into dark rooms where they will search every corner for lost souls. 

Twice I have been to Romania and visited many homes of non-Christians. Many homes in Romania are dark and dingy. Much sin lurks there. Families trapped in sins of lust and the occult. I thank the Lord we were able to see many come to Jesus. Although they were trapped in the darkness, we were able to shine Jesus into their darkness.  

5)      Let us pray that Romanian Christians would be so full of the Lord’s light that the off buttons on their flash-lights would be stuck on “on”. Lord, show them the joy of shining Your light.

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ligia said...

thank you for praying for Romania. I read your post and found the connection b/w "dark and dingy" homes and sin, a bit of a stretch. There may be many well-lit, clean houses where sin dwells in its fullness. Thank you for praying for Romania's need of God, and if "dark and dingy" homes are troublesome, it is because of the socioeconomic conditions. Poverty and decent living conditions are important prayer requests, too.