Monday, October 29, 2012

Pray for Albania

Week of Oct. 29 - Nov. 4, 2012

According to the latest IMF report on Albania’s economy, the country, unlike other Balkan countries, has managed to avoid recession, but the consequences of the financial crisis are denting the local economy and are slowing growth down.

1) Let us thank the Lord for this good financial report concerning Albania. Most of the other Balkan countries are struggling.

2) Let us pray that Albania will stay insulated from the overall world financial crisis. May the legislators and captains of industry have wisdom.

3) Lord, we ask for open doors for Christians that are true to Biblical financial principles to be favored in the business world of Albania. We pray that doors would be open for Christian business people; may they have financial backing and favor in the marketplace.

4) We pray that Christians would find employment. May they acquire skills that are in high demand.

5) Most of all let’s pray for those pastors that have to work a secular job and pastor also. May their jobs not consume all their time and may they be given extra energy, especially clarity of mind.

6) Let us pray that the church members would tithe and even give above the tithe. May they enter into the joy of giving. Lord, we pray for the 100% blessing.

Patriarchal societal customs that disenfranchise women, along with high rates of poverty, domestic violence and governmental corruption have made Albania a pivotal location for the trafficking industry. The country serves as both a source of trafficking victims and a transit hub

7) Patriarchal society, disenfranchised women, poverty, etc. there is still no right for Albanian women to suffer violence. Lord, we ask for relief. May there be a movement in Albania to bring dignity to women.

8) This trafficking in women must stop. First of all we pray for exposure of any and all government people that are involved in human trafficking. Let us pray that any judge that looks the other way and perverts justice in regards to these women be removed.

9) Lord, raise up righteous judges, attorneys and prosecutors. May all corruption be exposed.

10) Lord, we pray for these abused women. Give them a route of escape.

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