Monday, October 01, 2012

Pray for Romania

Week of Oct. 1-7, 2012

I want to promote a ministry; Heart 2 Heart, check out this video

History, The Orphans of Romania
– Romania was under a Communist dictator named Nicolae CeauČ™escu from 1965 to 1989. Having complete controlling power he set out on a plan to make Romania great. Two of the obsessions he had was to make the capital city of Bucharest the Paris of Eastern Europe and to raise the falling birth-rate of the Romanian ethnic population. Ceausescu set up a policy of taking resources from the country side and other Romanian cities to build up the capital. Also he banded all contraceptives for women and taxed families that did not have four or more children. The capital was built with amazing avenues, buildings and canals but the rest of the country was plunged into dire poverty. As the families had more and more children, they could not take care of them and starvation began to be epidemic. Mothers felt the most humane thing to do was abandon their new-born children at the hospital. Orphanages were set up but were under staffed. The children were left unattended and those that survived were mentally scared.  

1)    First of all let us thank the Lord for all the agencies that came in to minister to the orphans after communism fell. Lord, You heard the cry of the abandoned ones.
2)    Let us pray for the funding of these agencies. Lord, bless their efforts above and beyond.
3)    May each person giving their time and/or their money to these orphans be rewarded in this life and the life to come.
4)    The new government has addressed the problem and has been working hard to reverse the abandonment of the orphans. Lord, we thank You for the caring heart You are developing in the government. We pray that the Romanian government would leave a legacy of having brought many orphans to full citizenship.
5)    The very thing every orphan lacks is a family relationship. They desire to have parents that not only love them but they desire to love in return. Lord, we ask that You fill that hole in their hearts with Yourself. Help us as Christians to care for the orphans.
James 1:27
Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.
John 14:18
I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.

Another ministry I want to honor for their outreach to Romania is European Initiative, of which my wife and I have became a part of, This coming January 2013 EI will have their 5th outreach to the Gypsies in Romania. I want to personally invite you to join us on this outreach; Your life will forever be changed as Jesus uses you to minister to the very, very poor. Send email inquires to

6)    Let us pray for European Initiative and the burden of compassion they have for the poor of Romania.
7)    Let us pray for the coming 5th outreach in January, 2013. Lord, touch the hearts of those You desire to come. May faith arise and the finances follow in for their airfare and lodging.
8)    Let us pray for the container of boots and shoes that need to be shipped from Virginia to Romania to be used in the outreach. Also pray for the safe delivery of the coats from New Orleans to Romania. The shoes are ready and the coats are coming together. We pray for the (anonymous) company that donated the shoes and all the churches and individuals giving the coats.
9)    The only thing holding up the above shipments is the money for shipping. Oh, Lord, we pray that that money will be released quickly. Let it be loosed in the name of Jesus.
10)    We ask for the Holy Spirit and the host of angel to begin preparing the hearts of those in the villages that He is sending us to; salvations, healings, spirit of poverty broken, etc.

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Mark said...

Thank you again for your continued commitment to praying for and promoting ministries in Eastern Europe. I am excited that you posted a link to Heart 2 Heart's video, and that picture is of me teaching a couple of young men some math to prepare them for their big college entry exam. These kids need so much prayer and like you said, they long for meaningful relationships that can lead them to a relationship with their savior Jesus Christ. Keep up your good work of mobilizing people to pray and come to help!